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Coir Door Mats – The Ultimate Mats for Outdoors


Doormats are normally used for wiping the dirt from shoes. No doubt, the doormats help prevent dirt, allergens, and moisture from entering your places. But do you know that nowadays, doormats play a significant role in adding a style statement to your homes? 

Yes, that’s right! Doormats like custom mats, logo doormats, and rugs are even used for marketing purposes. Of the above, coir mats help to add a unique charm to your residential and commercial places. As a result, the coir mats are trending in the market places. Why? 

These are sustainable, easy to use, hear wearing, durable, and weather-resistant. However, most importantly, the coir mats can be designed in different styles and designs to give an aesthetic appeal. The coir mats have been in use since ancient times. 

Read below to know more about coir mats and what kind of mats you can use for entrance purposes.

What Exactly Are Coir Mats? 

Coir mats are usually made with coconut husk and are also known as coconut mats. It has tough bristles and short strands. This is why these kinds of mats are used for removing dirt and debris from footwear. Since the coir mats have a heavy base, the mats are widely used for outdoor and entrance purposes. You can also use it in porches and other places. 

Coir mats and rugs are eco-friendly options and complement the aesthetic look of the entrance. The mats feature an anti-slippery design to stand firmly on the ground. 

Can We Customize the Coir Mats? 

Since coir mats are made from coconut husk, you can give any shape and design. This is why coir mats are counted as the best for outdoor entrances and offices. Besides that, you can expect different colors and hybrid designs, which give them a unique aesthetic look. 

The mats are an excellent choice for entrance, and outdoor patios use. Moreover, the customized coconut husk mats are also used to add some style statements to the living spaces. At the same time, these mats can serve dual purposes such as: 

  1. Keeping the dust out of the places 
  2. It can be used to add vibrancy to your place. 

Four Kind of Coir Mats for Entrance 

Coir mats can be customized in different designs and styles. Here are some examples of mats that you can use for your entrance. 

  • Printed Coir Mats


Printed coir doormats are crafted in various patterns and designs. The doormats can be used as a welcome doormat and add some elegance to your place. You can also try appealing prints, including floral designs and texture prints. 

The doormats are excellent for outdoor spaces, pools, and garden areas. These mats show exceptional scrapping properties and endurance to your place. The best thing about the mats is highly durable and has exceptional moisture-absorbing quality. 

The back of the coir mats is made with PVC material, a combination of rubber and plastic. Due to this, it has an excellent weight-bearing capacity and easily resists intense weather changes. Hence, it can serve a decorative purpose and keep your area clean.

  • Coir Doormats with Text 


You may have seen so many coco mats with custom typography outside the homes. The coir doormats in Ireland look stylish and irresistible at the same time. Likewise, if you want a unique doormat for your home entrance, then coir mats with typography are the best. 

Moreover, you can even ask for customized typography on coir mats to give it a unique and aesthetic look. 

  • Coir Mats Designed With Rubber Border


This kind of doormat has a classic rubber border that enhances its sturdiness and aesthetic look. It looks very elegant at the entrance of the homes. The coir mat is made with brushed coir mounted on the rubber surface. 

This kind of mat does not only help to keep dirt, mud, and moisture away from home but also looks stylish at the entrance. 

  • Regular Coir Doormats 


Regular coir doormats are available in regular coconut husk bases. It can be designed in different designs, styles, and shapes to give an incredible look. The mats are elegant and helpful to keep the dirt away from the homes. 

Is Coir Mats Easy to Clean? 


The coir mats are very easy to clean, and you can keep them fresh even by cleaning them with your hands. In addition, the coir mats are machine wash safe. So, you can also wash them in the washing machine.

Bottom Line 

Doormats are very useful for homes and offices. It helps to keep the dirt away. However, today doormats are used not only for entrances but also to add stylish pieces to your home entrance. The coir mats are one of those specially made for entrance. 

If you are looking for the most stylish and graceful mats for your home entrance, visit Entrance Matting in Ireland. Here, you get an exclusive variety of customized mats, rugs, regular mats, logo mats, coir mats, etc. For more information, go to the website. 

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