Nowadays, you can find door mats at all places, be it a hospital, schools, offices, malls, or houses. Especially in developed and developing countries, it has become a trend to use customized door mats. Businesses are always on the hunt to improve their marketing and advertising. A lot of businesses nowadays use logo mats, which also look good and advertise their products. Just as having customized tissue papers was a smart move by fast food chains, having customized door mats is a new marketing gimmick nowadays. As a businessman, you should invest in having logo mats. When a customer enters your shop, he/she will see the door mat. If that door mat is customized according to your business, then it leaves a good impression. 


Why choose customized door mats over normal mats?

Let us now discuss why customized door mats are better than normal mats. There are several reasons why you should choose a customized door mat over any ordinary doormat. Even in Ireland door mats can be customized and used to seek the customer’s attention. We have listed down some points as to why customized door mats have an edge over normal ones :


1.Brand Promotion 


  • The primary reason why you should customize your door mat is that it will assist in your business’s promotion. If you have been to a fast food chain or any premium hotel, you will find that everything there is branded. 
  • For example the napkins in a restaurant, the toiletries in a hotel, the cutlery in restaurants, etc. Have you ever wondered why ? The owners could have easily outsourced them from different vendors. 
  • The reason is that having your brand on products such as napkins, and cutleries will improve your brand’s presence. That is what makes a brand different from its competitors. If you make your doormat according to your business or keep logo mats (mat with your logo) people will be impressed because they know that this is how brands work.


2. Mats of different colors 

  •  Making a mat of your choice will help you in applying different colors of your choice. You can even make a separate mat for each section if your business is big enough. 
  • Say, a different one for each different area. The billing area gets a different one, the inventory a different one, and a different color for the entrance. You can even make a single mat with more than one color. The color can be as per your logo or brand name. 
  • Unlike the normal mats which are available only in a limited color option, you have the advantage of choosing colors on your own. 

3.Put your business logo on the mat 

  •  You can even embed the business logo in your door mat which will be a good option. In Ireland, Door mats are customized as per the business’s needs and logo and customers love it. 


  •  Having the business logo on your mat makes a good impression on your business and might help you in increasing sales too. You can also find a lot of big companies have their logo on the door mats which have helped them increase revenues too.

4. Different Sizes 


  • Making a customized door mat will give you the freedom to choose your size. You can make your customized mats according to your floor area. One of the big problems with ordinary mats is that they do not come in different sizes. 


  • There are only a fixed number of sizes that are available in the market and they might not fit well to the floor area of your business. As a result, some areas might not get covered by the mat, which does not look so good. 
  • Having a customized mat, allows you to decide the measurements yourself which will make sure it fits well on the floor. If you want more than one mat, you can make them of different sizes as per your needs.


5. A Good Experience 


  •  Having your customized mats will make sure your customers have a good experience. As you are free to choose your own set of colors, textures, and designs you can design a doormat that will leave a good impression on the client. 
  • The color combination you chose, the shapes, sizes, and using your brand name might be liked by the customers. They will have a pleasant experience and would love to come to your store in the near future if their experience, not only with the staff but also with the store is a good one. 
  • For example, no one would like to visit a store that does not care about keeping it clean or where the floors are not cleaned properly, windows and mats are not cleaned properly. Hygiene matters and if your store looks clean and neat and the door mat fits the setting then customers are likely to love the environment and shop often.



So, there are many reasons why it is better to have your customized door mat rather than a normal one. You can decide on the basis of your needs and get a customized door mat for your business. In Ireland, door mats are available which can be designed specifically as per your business needs. You can also put your business’s tagline which will leave a good impression on the visitors.



Q1. Is having customized mats a good idea?

Yes, having customized mats is a good idea. It has many advantages, such as having your logo printed on the mats, displaying a message that you want, etc. You can also choose any color of your choice or a combination of two or more colors on the mat as per your needs. 


Q2. How do mats help in promoting our brand?

When you use custom-made door mats, you can advertise your products and also make them such that it grabs the customers’ attention. People love to shop from brands rather than normal shops. Even many big companies customize napkins, and cutleries. Etc. Doing this will leave a good impact on the customers and may help increase your revenues. 


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