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How to choose, place, and care for a logo door mat?

We use logo door mats for different purposes. People use mats to keep their area clean, help with brand awareness and provide comfort to their workforce. When we use anti-fatigue mats, it provides comfort to employees. We use different reasons. It depends on us how we use them effectively. Logo door mats are an effective way of branding. It promotes a positive image of a brand. 

There is a need to place mats according to our necessities. When we want to promote our brand, we need to place it at the entrance or in inner rooms where visitors visit more. The anti-fatigue mat is used to give relief to our employees. Heavy-duty door mats are used for cleanliness and branding. It is up to us how we use it and in which location. Proper placement of logo mats helps to attract more customers than others.

Tips for Choosing Door Mat Material

Every place has different needs for mats and their purposes. School needs for doormats are separate from a restaurant. There is a need to select rugs according to foot traffic. Dust comes from footwear. When we customise our logo mats, it is necessary to choose the right material, size, colour, and design. Every factor has different effects. We must select correctly.

Select Doormat Material According to Location 

The benefits of durable mats include resistance to foot traffic and help in maintaining cleanliness. Companies select the material of rugs according to their use. It helps them use it for a long time. High-quality logo mats are made from quality material. The material comes with stain resistance and the best absorption qualities. 

It has microfibers that make it stain-resistant and keep moisture. Fine particles are resisted by fibres that dry quickly and come in multiple sizes. Companies use nylon or polyester fibres so that they easily catch dirt, debris, and liquid. Anti-fatigue mats are formed of rubber, foam, or vinyl, and they provide comfort to feet, legs, and backs. 

Selection of Size Mats

Selection of mat size is crucial. The commercial area has heavy foot traffic, so there is a need for large-sized mats. Small-sized rugs are suitable for offices; they are better for homes or small offices. Very large mats are suitable for extensive areas, but maintenance of mats is complex. The rolling, lifting or moving of large mats is tough. It is necessary to discuss with experts so that it becomes easy to handle them. When we use an accurate size of the mat, it helps keep cleanliness and attracts the attention of visitors.

Placement of the Logo Mat

Companies use doormats for different purposes. There is a need to choose mats according to our requirements. Studies show that well-maintained and placed door mats will collect 85% less dirt. It also helps in maintaining floor finishing. When only 1,500 people walk through an entrance without suitable matting, 42% of the finish can be removed. There is a need to select material and size according to the location of the mats.

Here we discuss various locations that are suitable for matting.

Outside Entrances

We know footwear spreads different debris from snow, mud, and sand in entire areas. We can use rubber door mats at the entrance. Visitors rub their shoes before entering the office. It also protects valuable flooring assets by reducing infection. Door mats help in protecting dirt and debris that comes from outside. 

Logo Mats at Entrances

We use entrance logo mats at the entrances of rooms or lobbies. It keeps dirt and debris out of buildings. There is a need to use customised mats to give the best impression to guests. These mats give the first impression in the minds of visitors. It is necessary for branding. We use mats for branding as well. A positive brand image is crucial for companies. Custom door mats are a perfect way to attract more customers.

Industrial Workspaces

We know that long-standing has created various health problems, such as sore feet, legs, knees and many others. Poor health reduces productivity in offices. There is a need to use anti-fatigue mats where the employee has stood for a long time. It has become necessary for receptions, hostess stations, and registration areas in banks, movie theatres, and theme parks. It reduces fatigue and increases productivity. When using these rugs, gives a positive image in the minds of customers. Using high-quality mats is easy to clean and also stain resistant.


Companies also use doormats in restrooms to boost their image. We can use rugs in various areas around sinks, and urinals to protect the floor and control odours. It also gives a good impression to visitors. 

Maintenance of Door Mats

We have purchased door mats for use for a long time. Every rug needs proper handling to be used for a long time. It is necessary to clean mats regularly, which increases their effectiveness. There is a need to shake off dirt and dust that helps in its maintenance.

Sum Up

Logo Doormats help us to maintain cleaning. We can use these mats for branding. It is crucial to use logo mats perfectly so that they engage more customers. There is a need to plan their location so that it helps us in buying mats. There is a need to share all the details with experts that help with the customisation of mats. We can buy logo mats from “Entrance Matting Ireland” to make our office area attractive. It offers various sizes and design patterns. 


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