How To Choose The Best Entrance Mats For Your House?


entrance mats for homeA doormat is an integral part of a house. If you are also looking to buy a perfect choice of entrance mats, you have landed at the right place. This article will help you to get an excellent mat that suits your house decor as well. 


A floor mat is a must-have item that has to be present in your home. It grabs all the dust, dirt, grit, and more. As a result, it not only protects your house but protects the wooden floors of your house and enhances the beauty of your home. 


Points to consider while purchasing Entrance Mats For Your House:-

  • The right size

The first and foremost decisive factor is to choose the right size of a doormat for your house. The Entrance mats shall possess the right length and the width capable of enabling the person to enter by perfectly rubbing the dirt and dust off. If the size of the matt is more petite than required, the person might enter with dust along, which will spoil the floor of your house. Similarly, if the size of the entrance mats is more significant than the required size, it would look insignificant at the entrance and compromise the look of the door. 


  • Focus on the shape

Whenever you purchase an apt entrance mat, you will encounter a tremendous variety in the shapes of the mats available. Thus, it is essential that instead of just buying any shape, you do a little search and get the one which suits your entrance the best. The most commonly used shape for entrance mats is the rectangle. However, there are sizes also available like oval, circle, square, etc. Furthermore, home decor experts have always recommended the rectangle shape as it covers the entire area for the entrance matting. 

  • Check the material of doormats. 

The material of the doormat plays a vital role. A thick rubber mat isn’t always the best, whereas; the shorter pile mats have a firmer brushing action that removes dirt and dust. Good quality with an Avant grade material doormat is a decent choice for your house. Thus, it gives you efficient results by catching all the dust and unwanted particles out of the house. 


  • Get a right shape

You’ll find endless and unique shapes for your doormat in the market but, you have to look for one that suits your house the most, right? Don’t purchase an abrupt shape mat just because it looks attractive or fashionable. Moreover, it is recommended to have a rectangular shape of a doormat at the entrance of your house. The reason behind taking rectangular entrance mats is that they fit accurately and cover the overall space across the door. Therefore any other shape will not do much as it will not cover the entire space and will not be effective as per your expectations. 


  • Designs and colours of doormats 

You must choose the designs and colour of the entrance mats that accommodate your home interior. You must go for a darker shade as it helps to cover the dust, and if you go for light colour floor mats, it will appear dirty and mudded within no time. 


Let’s dive into the article to glimpse some of the frequently asked questions related to the entrance mats for your house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is doormat important? 

A doormat is an essential part of your house because it helps keep your house clean and tidy and avoids the entrance of unwanted particles into your house. It also enhances the beauty of your home and puts out a good impression in front of the guests. 


  • When should we clean our loose lay mats?

The cleaning of your floor mat depends on the dust flow around your house and the weather. If you can analyze that your loose lay mats get dirty more often, you must clean them every 10-15 days. Otherwise, you can clean after a month or two. 


  • When is the correct time to replace your coir mats? 

It can last for a decade if you properly take care of them. But, what are the signs that indicate now, it is the time to change your coir doormats. First, there are sure signs such as the footprints mark on your mat if you are taking too much time cleaning your mat and still, it doesn’t look clean and tidy after putting a hell of a lot of effort.  



As you know, having entrance mats is crucial for every house. 

It gives you numerous benefits like keeping your sweet home away from dust, debris that may enter your house through the shoes. When you go out to get a rubber mat then, there are specific points that you need to consider, like whether it matches with your home decor or not, the correct shape and design, etc. A perfect doormat enhances the glam of your home place. So, it is advisable to keep in mind specific tips while looking for the same. Read more

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