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How to Choose the Right Doormat?


The entryway is the first impression visitors get of your home. Therefore, installing a quality doormat is not only the greatest way to preserve your floors but also an easy way to make your foyer appear orderly and put together instantly. Additionally, the doormat serves as the first line of defense against debris brought in by wet boots and shoes. Therefore it’s critical to examine the material and size of the mat following its intended function. Here, we’ve broken down the essentials to look for. 

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  • Size Does Matter. 

Choose the largest mat possible within your budget and available space. If your mat is too small, visitors who enter without washing their feet will place only one foot on it, and the next one will land on the opposite side, unwiped! A large mat large enough to stand on while removing your shoes can be the appropriate indication to urge persons who occasionally require a gentle reminder to remove their shoes. 

You may even reverse the position of your mat and run it in portrait mode rather than landscape mode to ensure that both feet make contact with the mat as frequently as feasible. Numerous people use cut-to-size coir matting to carpet the whole floor of an enclosed porch, which is an excellent technique to verify that your mat is large enough. 


  • Consider the Environment 

As previously indicated, entrance matting is not limited to the front door! Every entryway into your home is a potential access point for debris and dampness. You must ensure that your investment is not limited to front doormats. Protection should be applied throughout your home, particularly if you have interior flooring prone to harm or permanently ruined by filth and grime (like carpet). Numerous homes include doors leading out to the backyard or garage and doors leading out from the kitchen or even from the bedrooms. While you may choose something more eye-catching for your front entrance.  You may prefer more conservative selections for your back doormat or garage doormat


  • Door Mats That Are Non-Slip 

A non-slip mat has a rubber backing that keeps it from sliding. The non-slip surface contributes to the prevention of safety dangers such as trips and falls. Without a non-slip backing, such as that found on indoor mats, a rug pad not only secures the mat in place, reducing the likelihood of trips and falls but also protects the floor from staining and provides a comfortable surface. 


  • What should the size of a doormat be? 

Size Guide for Doormats: 

Standard doormat dimensions are 18 by 30 inches. This is the most often ordered size, and it works well for single-door applications. A typical front door measures around 36″ wide. For front doors, we recommend 21 x 33/34 or 24 x 36/38. 

TIP: Before you buy, take a piece of chalk and sketch the size of each doormat to get a sense of the scale and balance of each size against your door. 

A good rule of thumb is that your doormat should be around the width of your front door or slightly smaller. 

  • Which colors and designs are appropriate for your doormat? 

Your entrance mat is an excellent opportunity to experiment with interesting designs; after all, it is a much less permanent investment than your house’s exterior or front door! Do you want your doormat to be the focal point of your entryway or to create a strong aesthetic statement? Choose a color that contrasts with the entryway’s primary hues. For example, an orange-toned hue if your home is predominantly blue or a bright blue or red if your home is predominantly black or white. If you’d rather your entrance mat blend in with the rest of your home, choose a color that complements your patio, front door, or siding. Choose a natural hue that reads as invisible to the naked eye from a distance, such as a brown or grey tone. You will discover, however, that you do not have to go minimalist, even with a subdued color scheme: 

Are you curious about which designs or patterns would make the ideal doormat? No need to wonder any longer – we’ll compile a list for you here: 

  • Circular: Circular or oval doormats, frequently braided, can be a charming alternative to the rigid lines prevalent in most home architecture. 
  • Geometric: With bold lines, grids, and triangles, a colorful geometric pattern can feel trendy and enhance your home’s lines. Because doormats are a relatively inexpensive purchase, you can choose a phrase or statement that suits your personality. 
  •    Monogrammed or Personalized: Do you prefer a more conventional aesthetic? A doormat is an ideal spot to add extra classic home appeal with a stunning monogram. (This would also make an excellent present for newlyweds or a celebratory housewarming!) 
  • How to Clean a DoorMat? 


Doormats are intended to collect dirt, mud, and other contaminants, which means they may contain germs, leaves, and insects. Because mats are composed of a variety of materials, their cleaning techniques may vary. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions to determine whether your mat can be machine washed. Numerous interior doormats are for not machine washable mats, such as coir mats, shake or beat them out first. Then vacuum to remove any remaining dust and dirt. Rinse the mat with a garden hose following vacuuming. If there are stains on the mat, remove them using mild dish soap and a soft-bristle brush.

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