Cleaning Techniques for Dirty Doormats 

Cleaning Techniques for Dirty Doormats 

Often, the first thing people notice when they enter your home is your doormat. A clean, fresh, and well-styled iteration communicates to guests what awaits them beyond the threshold, which is why you want to keep your doormat in the finest condition possible. This includes cleaning it regularly and changing it when the fibers begin to show symptoms of damage. That is why it is critical to keep your welcome mat clean regularly. If you’re wondering how frequently you should clean your welcome mats, we spoke with professionals to find out. 

Keep an eye out for indications of deterioration. 

If your doormats are clearly approaching the end of their useful life—they may have frayed corners, worn areas, or stains that are difficult to remove—you should consider replacing it before the six-month mark. “When it begins to appear old and worn out, it’s time to upgrade,” Patton explains. “They are a low-cost method to liven up your home’s entryway.” Consider seasonal switching if you have a favorite alternative or just want to extend the life of a piece you currently own. For example, by replacing your basic mat with thematic covers or alternatives that combine with other front-door decorations (think hanging wreaths or potted plants), you may extend the life of your mat. 

Shake briskly, briskly, briskly 

Like any other exposed surface, outdoor doormats gather airborne dust, grass, and pollen even in the absence of significant foot activity. In addition, if you live in a wet environment, moist leaves or mud may become ground into the mat’s fibers over time – and snow and road salt may become ground into the fibers throughout the winter. 

To prevent dirt and debris from accumulating, the first step in cleaning your mats should vigorously shake them. If possible, hang the doormats from a clothesline or railing and beat them with a broom,it will remove big pieces of dirt from the mat. Choose a dry day or keep the entrance mats out of direct sunlight for a few hours before shaking them off to allow any particles or dirt to dry up and become more readily removed. 

After shaking or beating the mat, sprinkle it with baking soda and allow it to sit for 10 or 15 minutes before vacuuming the mat with a handheld vacuum or suction attachment to deodorize and remove any leftover dirt. 

Between Cleanings, Protect Your Doormat 

Apply your preferred eco-friendly antibacterial or antimicrobial spray between cleanings to prevent your doormat from gathering bacteria or viruses that may be tracked indoors. While a spray will not eliminate all bacteria, mold, or mildew, it will assist in killing germs and keeping your doormat clean and sterilized. 

Doormats are not indestructible due to their heavy-duty function. Therefore, watch for indications of wear and tear on your mat and replace any frayed or disintegrating. After all, the last thing you want is for your doormat to accumulate garbage in your home. 

What further precautions can you take to ensure your safety?

Along with these cleaning techniques, you should take a few additional precautions. “Never set anything that can be carried inside the home upon Entrance mats, such as book bags, briefcases, or grocery bags. You can make extra space for shoes in the building. Additionally, have a disinfectant or sanitizer available and often spray the Doormats to help minimize the germs that accumulate.


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