Loose Lay Mats

Loose Lay Door mats

What are loose lay mats, and how do you use them? 

Entrance floor mats that do not need to be put in a mat well or affixed to the floor are loose lay mats. They may be quickly and easily installed on the floor surface and then removed when no longer required. Therefore, it is unnecessary to prepare the floor, and it is not necessary to hire a professional flooring contractor to install it.

The cost of loose lay mats is low, it’s simple to ‘install’ (just put it on the floor), and it can be moved to different spots if needed. For both business and home use, loose lay rubber floor mats are available.

Why Choose Entrance Matting Ireland for Mats?

Wide Variety

Entrance Matting Ireland have a mat to suit every need, from commercial / industrial to residential and educational purposes. Our loose lay mats come in 4 different ranges to suit requirements and budgets and our range of forklift mats are ideal for industrial use.

Improved Aesthetics 

Our high-quality floor mats will improve the appearance of your flooring while also reducing trips / slips and falls.


When should loose lay entry matting be used?

Well, you can use Entrance matting in different ways. The goal of entrance matting is to keep the ingress of dirt and moisture from entering the premises and protect the inside floor surfaces. We also have loose lay matting that may be utilized in domestic settings to keep dirt and contaminants out. Our flexible lay entrance matting is the best option for outdoor slip-resistant matting. For example, many people use our loose lay mats to provide additional protection against slipping when moisture may be tracked into a facility when there is not adequate form of defense in place against this

Entrance matting, also known as barrier matting, provides a practical and aesthetic benefit to your entranceway. Different varieties of entrance matting help to scrape dirt and absorb moisture from feet or trolley wheels in high-traffic public areas while also preventing accidents on your property.

Our loose lay mats are ideal for use in schools or educational facilities where there is a high level of footfall. the same can be said for commercial premises and also domestic purposes.