Mats For Schools - A Step Towards Better & Safer Environment! 

Mats For Schools – A Step Towards Better & Safer Environment! 

When it comes to keeping the school campus clean, safe, and dirt-free, school organizations find it difficult to cope with safety measures. Students, especially the lower class children, jump into the water, dirt, and mud before entering your school campus. One of the most effective and easy ways to keep your school interior clean, free of dust and debris is placing mats for school at different yet important locations. 

Aside from keeping your school interior clean, good-quality school mats will enhance the overall look of the space and protect your flooring. Imagine it is raining outside and the students come into the campus with dirty wet shoes, sounds terrifying, right? This is where good-quality doormats come into the picture. They are highly effective in absorbing water and mud, keeping your hallways and interior clean and free of dirt. 

Let’s look at the areas where you need to place school mats to protect your school campus! 

  • At School Entrance 

Your entrance must look welcoming for the students and teachers that walk on the campus. One of the best ways to do the job is by picking the right welcome mats at the entryways and hallways. Want to add an extra touch of love and remind them of your school as they pass by? Prefer picking customized mats for school with your school logo. You can customize the mat with the school name or logo to make it more appealing.

Placing doormats at the entranceways will help you keep the dust, debris, mud, and water outside from the interior. For entrance places, make sure you pick heavy-duty and dark color school entrance mats. The reason is that the entryways are likely to witness more foot traffic. Therefore, it’s wise to pick the most durable and strong piece to keep the dust under control. 

  • At Entry Of Classroom 

After the entrance point, classrooms are the second most common area to watch the heavy foot traffic. Therefore, make sure you purchase good-quality mats for school and place them in the entry point of the classroom. This will help you eliminate the damage of flooring and reduce the dirt in the main foot traffic areas. 

Entrance mats are specially designed to reduce the dirt and debris spread coming from the hundreds of feet entering and leaving the classroom. You can pick anti-fatigue school entrance mats to give a push to the productivity of the teachers. The reason is that these mats are specially designed to alleviate the standing strains that teachers witness the entire day. 

  • In Front Of Kitchen

Aside from students and teachers, keeping your kitchen staff safe and secure from unwanted accidents is important. Therefore, it is wise to place the mats in the kitchen area to prevent accidents related to slips and falls. Try placing anti-slip anti-fatigue school mats in front of the kitchen area to prevent slips in the kitchen prep area. 

Two other areas in the kitchen that need mats are in front of the sink and dishwashing area. The reason is that water spills can cause slip on the surface. Making sure the area is slip-free, place anti-slip mats in front of them. Pick the mats made of high-quality materials to make sure they last long and provide you with the right results. 

  • In The Cafeteria 

Cafeterias are a place where children eat and throw food without any concern. Food, drinks, and other eating materials can cause a mess if not treated adequately. Therefore, it’s wise to place two high-quality mats in the cafeteria. One mat should be placed before the food counter. This will ensure that spilled drinks or foods will not cause any accidents. 

The second mat should be placed at the entry point of the cafeteria. Aside from keeping the floor clean, school entrance mats will ensure students don’t mess with the outside flooring by dragging food under their shoes. Few precautionary measures will make sure your school is free of mess and looks appealing. 

  • Some Other Areas 

If your school has game grounds or concessions areas, try placing different high-quality mats to enhance the look of the area and keep your employees, teachers, students, and other faculty members safe and secure. One more area where you must place school mats is near a water fountain. 

One simple thumb rule to place school mats is to try placing the mats at all the entry and exit points. A large logo mat placed at the entry point of the school campus will not only promote the school but will also act as a great barrier to outside dirt. Avoid the mess by placing the mats at the right locations. 


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