Why Is Placing Door Mats Essential For Home & Office Outdoors?

Why Is Placing Door Mats Essential For Home & Office Outdoors?

If you want to give a stunning look to your main door entrance, there is nothing better than placing unique and attention-grabbing welcome mats at the entrance. Aside from giving your place a whole new look, it will keep your inner home free from germs, dirt, and debris. With the festive season on, it’s the best time to give your home and office entrance a welcoming look. 

Good quality outdoor mats will encourage the visitors to wipe away the dust before entering your space. Want to add an extra touch to your entrance? Why not try an engraved mat containing a special message for your visitors. Placing doormats in Ireland will make your place look more appealing and help you keep your interiors safe and secure. 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider placing a doormat in your space. 

  • Keep The Contaminants Away From Your Space 

It’s proven that more than half of the dust particles entering your living space or office enter through the footwear. One of the best ways to avoid such situations is by placing good-quality outdoor mats. This will encourage your home visitors and customers to wipe the dust off before entering your space. With a host of mats available in the market, make sure you choose one that can effectively wipe off the dust and debris. Besides outdoor space, it’s good to place indoor mats as well. Placing a mat at your bedroom entrance or kitchen will help you to maintain the overall health of your loved ones. 

  • Avoid Slip & Fall

If you own a place often related to slip and fall, you must consider placing coir doormats at your shop entrance. Places such as food shops and restaurants often place doormats as they are more prone to fall accidents. By placing good quality outdoor mats at different entrances, you can highly reduce the risk of slip and fall incidents. Besides this, you can even consider placing a matting that will provide you and your guests with a safe walking surface. Additionally, pick a doormat for your bathroom door as it is a place where you need to be aware of slips. 

  • Avoid Muddy Floors

Especially during the rainy season, the floors of houses and offices are covered by mud and water. The visitors coming to your place bring muddy and wet shoes. If you want to keep your interiors safe and secure in the rainy season, it’s best to place doormats at every nook and corner of your space. Aside from protecting your area from cleaning, it will provide your visitors with a warm welcome. 

  • Prevent Damage To Floor & Carpets 

Placing outdoor mats will help your expensive flooring and carpets free of dust, debris, and damage. Unfortunately, carpets can absorb the germs, dust, and debris that come along with dirty shoes. This, in turn, can highly damage the quality of your carpet, making it look dirty and full of germs. To remove these germs from your carpets, you need to call professional carpet cleaning services that can burn a hole in your pocket. To avoid such expenses, it’s wise to place doormats in Ireland and protect your carpets and flooring from intensive damage. 

  • Lessen Building Maintenance Costs

For any business to be successful and gain customers, it’s important to keep your area clean. However, if you own a big company, it might be difficult to clean the space regularly. Having good quality coir door mats placed at different entrances can help you to reduce the building cleaning and maintenance costs to a large extent. You don’t have to spend bucks on deep cleaning services regularly if you’ve placed indoor mats to protect your area. 

  • Give Warm Welcome To Your Visitors

Lastly, placing doormats around your surface will help you to give a warm welcome to your visitors. Additionally, you can opt for customizable welcome mats with a special message, logo, or themes engraved on them. You can easily choose from a wide variety of coir doormats available in the market. You’ve always heard the phrase “first impression is the last impression.” So make sure you impress your visitors by placing a gorgeous welcoming mat at your office and home entrance. 


Now that you’ve got an idea of how doormats in Ireland are becoming much more important for office and home space, it’s time to scroll the net and find the one that suits your needs and preferences. Coir door mats will not only enhance the overall look of your soar but will also increase the life of your flooring. Why wait? Hurry up and buy your residence or office elegant and eco-friendly welcome mats


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