Modular Entrance Matting

70.00 modular entrance mats are ideal in heavy-use areas. Heavily frequented areas pose special requirements that have to be met. With large numbers of people coming and going, entrance mats have to be particularly heavy-duty and have demonstrate excellent dirt removal properties, as well as being both sturdy and flexible.

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With its innovative profile, entrance mats, and the modular entrance matting system boasts superior dirt removal properties and stays looking great day after day, even after being walked on thousands of times – in schools, hospitals, airports, shopping centers, or anywhere with large numbers of people. more

Product specifications
  • Approx. height (mm): 12/17 mm
  • Roll-over and drive-over capability: Wheelchairs
    hand trolleys
    Light shopping trolleys
  • Standard profile clearance approx. (mm): 0 mm, closed system
  • Profile length (mm) 3000
  • Profile width (mm): 104
  • Weight (kg/m²): 8.25/11.5
  • Support chassis: Made using rigid aluminum with sound-absorbing insulation on the underside
  • Tread surface: Recessed, robust, weather-proof, ribbed carpet strips.
  • Slip resistance: R 11 slip resistance as per DIN 51130

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Anthracite, Grey


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