What Are Entrance Mats – The Complete Guide

all about Entrance mats, and entrance matting

Are you annoyed by the cheap high-street duds on the market and want high-quality, long-lasting entrance mats? When you shop with Entrance Matting Ireland, you can be confident that you will discover the right entrance mat, with a broad choice of matting and flooring in small to extra-large sizes, elegant or bold colors, and professionally hand-picked materials. With so many options to pick from, we’ve put together this buying guide with enough information and tips to assist you in finding the perfect entrance matting.

What Size Matting Should I Choose for My Front Door?

When it comes to performance, the size of the mat you choose can make a huge difference. The larger your entry mats are, the better! Because the carpet must be in contact with your feet for it to work, the more times you step on it, the more dirt it will remove.

The Advantages of Using Entrance Mats

An efficient entrance mat can enhance indoor air quality and lower maintenance expenses over the life of a building, whether it’s for you or your clients.

These mats save money on cleaning.

In public buildings, 70-80 percent of the dust, dirt, and grime are tracked outside and disseminated throughout the floors (International Sanitary Supply Association). to grab the dust particles, Entrance mats, and coir mats can be your partner to grab the dust particles. 

Entrance matting helps in improving indoor quality. 

Indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental threats to human health, with indoor air up to 70 times more contaminated than outdoor air (EPA). Most individuals spend 60-90 percent of their time indoors. Entrance matting and cleaning can help relieve symptoms and prevent sickness by reducing particulate concentrations. However, dirt from the outside can cause asthma, trigger allergies, and increase breathing problems.

Interior flooring is protected and preserved with the use of entrance mats. 

Dirt tracking into the building is also a significant contributor to the wear and tear of interior flooring and carpeting. Dirt and soils have a razor-like roughness ground into floors during walking, producing scraping on smooth flooring and shredding of carpet strands.

Avoid Slips stumble, and falls with the use of these mats. 

Wet, slick flooring is quite dangerous. Entrance mats reduce slips and falls. In addition, mats absorb moisture and dry shoes, preventing sliding. To minimize mistakes and falls on wet floors, entrance matting may absorb up to 5 liters of water per square meter, ensuring that shoes are thoroughly dried.

Cleaning Tips 

  • People don’t have to deal with excessive dirt; wash the carpet doormat regularly. 
  • It’s impossible to avoid stains. Before it becomes a problem, use vinegar to treat it. 
  • Using a paper towel, blot the stain. You spread the color if you rub or scrub it. 
  • Before washing the entire carpet, pre-treat stains by adding detergent and letting it sit for a few minutes.
  • Vacuum the carpets before and after wash. During the washing process, certain particles will get loose. 
  • Don’t over-wet the carpet. The vacuum cleaner won’t be able to get rid of all of the water and soap. You don’t want a musty odor to grow on your entry mat. 
  • Thoroughly dry the carpet. This keeps mold and mildew at bay. You can use the following methods to dry your carpets:  
  1. Open all windows 
  2. Make use of fans. 
  3. Make use of a dehumidifier.

Entrance matting Ireland makes it simple to find an entrance mat that matches the shape and function of your building. There is an entry mat for every project and budget, from the most luxurious to the most affordable. Our entry matting systems are designed to help you prevent slip incidences on internal floors, increase the life of interior floor finishes, and save internal cleaning expenses by removing dirt and moisture at the entrance.

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