Which Door Mats Material Is Ideal For My Business?

Door mats lend a professional appearance while simultaneously benefitting the establishment in other ways. In this blog, let us uncover which material suits the business best. 


Every business establishes itself in a region close to the market, raw materials, etc. However, the temperature, climate, and environment vary from arid deserts to mountain towns. Therefore, adequate door mats are necessary to comply with the area’s conditions while giving marketing benefits. 


A door mat fulfils its purpose when it’s of the suitable material for the area. For instance, a heavy footfall establishment would require a sturdy and durable mat to endure the pressure. Therefore, let us look into some responsible and ideal door mats to fit your premises.

Different Types Of Surface Materials For Logo Mats

The following list has some common surface materials for rugs in Ireland:

  • Nylon

Nylon is a pricey entrance matting material. It is a synthetic fibre with brushes and crushes-resistant properties. Nylon further contains several types, including Polyamide, a heavy-duty entrance matting.



Shopping centre entrances, public travel areas, and other commercial areas with heavy footfall make the most of nylon logo mats. It maintains its mint condition due to stain and fades resistance. 

Nylon mats are ideal for soaking water for indoor matting. They dry quickly and prevent a soggy mat in times of heavy rainfall or liquid spilling.

  • Polypropylene

Polypropylene fibres are versatile, durable, and a lower-cost alternative to nylon door mats. Their abrasive texture makes them perfect for scraping dry dust. 



Polypropylene fibre mats are durable for ‘zoned areas.’ They work ideally as dirt-barrier runners in reception areas for maximum floor protection. This option is famous for retail, offices, leisure, and hotels. 
  • Coir Matting

Coir material comes from coconut fibres, forming beautiful and fruitful dust logo mats. It has bristly brushing properties, owing to the coarse-to-touch husks of coconut shells. The material traps dirt and moisture from visitors’ shoes before entering the building.


It doesn’t move due to PVC backing and is non-slip. Moreover, they do not need the hassle of cleaning, vacuuming, or beating. Coir mats are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are also the perfect tools for long-term marketing. 



Coir door mats are ideal for indoors, outdoors, floor surfaces, and mat wells. Even in high-traffic doorways, it can sustain wear and tear for a long. Its durability, strength, and resilience lend a hygienic atmosphere. 
  • Cotton

Another renowned and widely used natural fibre for logo mats is cotton. Like a towel, it absorbs wetness and moisture and dries quickly. Although it is not suitable for dry dust and dirt, it is ideal for greasy, oily, and wetness-carrying air. 


Cotton mats tend to flatten but restore to their original state after washing. Washing and cleaning it is a hassle-free task. 



Due to the rigorous nature of commercial establishments, cotton mats may not be perfectly durable. However, you can still use them for indoor situations where the footfall is low. 
  • Natural Rubber 

Rubber door mats offer numerous design choices to the business. They have open holes, a textured solid surface, etc. These mats are effective dirt-scrapers. They let the debris fall through the mat. 


Moreover, these mats are slip-resistant. Because they are too heavy, they can stay well placed on the ground.



Natural or nitrile rubber mats are ideal for heavy-duty outdoor entrance areas. They don’t crack easily like PVC mats.

Adding nitrile gives greater heat resistance and a longer lifespan in oily or greasy conditions. Better performance gets guaranteed with more nitrile compounds in the rubber.

  • Microfibres

Polypropylene and polyamide yarn form the best synthetic microfibres for rugs in Ireland. They have an excellent absorbing capacity, owing to their high surface area. It captures dirt and moisture with pure efficiency and effectiveness. 


Its softness, flexibility, and finesse enable it to trap dirt from hard-to-reach areas. Microfibre mats create a static charge, leading to enhanced performance in scraping. The dirt particles do not leave until the pile gets vacuum-cleaned.


Furthermore, it is machine-washable, quick-drying, durable, and soft to the touch. It does not have lint or fluff-attracting properties. Microfibres also possess anti-bacterial benefits.



Microfibre mats are ideal for use at entrance doorways and indoor offices. They do not require much hassle, thereby benefitting the establishment.

Significance Of  Choosing The Right Door Mat Material

The best door mat material will offer:

  • Top-notch performance
  • Long-lasting without wear and tear
  • Completely worth the money


Therefore, knowing the characteristics of various logo mats and their materials is critical. It allows the mat to stand up for the job and fulfil it with complete dedication.

Finishing Up

Logo mats are critical for businesses for various reasons. The technical staff at the door mats agency will help choose the suitable material. You must inform them of your needs clearly. However, having a little background will ensure a hassle-free experience. 


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