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Why Do You Need Custom Logo Door Mats for Branding?

Nowadays, logo mats have become the first choice for businesses. It helps in promoting their brands. Companies prefer to use custom logo mats to attract the attention of their customers and visitors. It comes in various designs, colours, sizes, and many more.


You will create the first impression in a customer’s mind with personalised options. There are various options available in market. You can select the rugs and customise them according to your choice. Buyers can use different background colours, artwork, and sizes. Companies easily design mats and deliver them on time.

You will get various options on logo mats in Ireland. It is crucial to select the design, colours, and sizes so it develops into attractiveness. Users always see all options according to their requirements. They will get various options at Entrance Matting Ireland.


EMI Offers Multiple Logo Door Mats


EMI provides a tailor-made design process to make your logo mat impressive. You will get custom logo mats at affordable prices. You will get various choices in washable, and imperial that look luxurious as well. It is also stain-resistant and comes in durable colours.


Imperial Logo Mats


It is a multi-functional dust control mat that comes in high-quality materials. There is the use of a thick tufted with fast colours, which also has the best water retention and dirt removal capacity. It has a sturdy vinyl backing that is suitable for any surface. There is the use of state-of-the-art printing technology with 3-dimensional effects. You will get custom logo imperial mats with fine lines and colour shading. It makes each mat unique to another.


Washable Logo Mats


It comes in various colour combinations and prints. The colours are durable, so there is no colour fading after washing. You will use washable logo mats for schools in the entrance as well. These mats effectively suppress foot traffic and dirt. EMI uses Nitrile rubber, which is washable material. It effectively maintains mats on hard floors and reduces movements on all surfaces. 


Benefits of Custom Logo Door Mats


Logo mats are becoming popular so it is necessary to know their advantages to use them. Here we will discuss why custom logo mats are the best way to promote your brand.




The logo doormats are made from the coir material, which is of the highest quality. Company owners prefer to design their logos, websites, brand logos and other information on mats. We relate this information to their brands and businesses. It has become a cost-effective way to tell people about your brand and company. Users are attracted to colours and designs. You can use logo mats on the entrance so that everyone can effortlessly read the information. Businesses can afford these mats, so companies prefer to use them to boost their business.


Gives Impression 


When we enter the office or school, there are mats. It becomes the first thing we use, so it offers a first impression on users’ minds. We know first impressions are the last impressions. It becomes easy for brands to provide memories to their customers colourfully and attractively. There are unique designs on logo mats which are crafted elegantly. The entrance becomes attractive and presentable with custom logo mats. They will remember the information after visiting your business area. It helps them to become your customers. It also gives a good impression that your office is dust-free and clean. People prefer to visit hygienic places.


Brand Awareness 


Companies must create brand awareness to attract more customers. They use various ways to engage buyers, but all methods are costly. Using a business mat is the best option because it is both cost-effective and appealing. There are logos and other information so visitors can easily remember them. A custom mat is the best way to engage customers because it catches the first glimpse of buyers. When visitors like your welcome way and entrance, they will also purchase from you. There is a need for a small investment, but it gives huge profits.


Enhance Productivity


We wish our employees would give their best. In this process, mats will help. There are pleasing messages on mats, so it helps to enhance the output of employers. When an employee is happy, there are more profits. You can write creative and unique messages on the mats so that each person will get a word. It is also best to use anti-fatigue rugs in public spaces so that employees will feel relaxed. It is necessary to secure your employees so that they regularly work more. Using clean and dust-free mats helps you achieve this.


Engaging Customers 


Brand awareness is necessary because we want to engage more target customers. Mats with custom logos help businesses achieve their goals. It is a tasteful way to welcome your customers and visitors. When you greet your users artistically, there is a greater chance that they will buy your products. The slip-resistant mats help you engage more visitors, and there are more chances to visit again. It also applies to logo mats for schools, because when you use high-quality mats, students quickly go here and there. These rugs come in striking shades of colour. It is the best way to stay ahead in the market.


Advertise Your Brand


The primary use of various mats in office space is to provide awareness among customers. Custom mats come with catchy taglines and logos. It is also an effective way to advertise your brand. You can use these rugs with eye-catching logos at the entrance of your office.


It becomes the best way to use an advertisement mode. Buyers will get your address and other information from custom mats. EMI offers various types of logo door mats that are customised according to their requirements. It becomes easy for companies to attract customers with a unique way to expand brand awareness.


Tell your Story 

Companies use various methods to convey their message. It becomes easy for a business to communicate its message with the bits of help of custom logos. You can design multiple taglines on mats so that people can read your message. It is an effective way to tell your brand story in a few words. Multiple times companies want to tell their brand history affordably. Logo mats are the best way to tell your brand story in a few catchy terms so that more visitors visit your stores. After knowing your history, that visitor becomes your customer. It becomes an effective way to deal with advertising mode. You can pay less but get more ROI.


Effective way 


A logo mat becomes an effective way to boost your brand awareness. People can customise these logo door mats from their favourite dealer.EMI also offers these services to their clients. The client must select the best dealer in Ireland to get supplies for custom rugs. The requirements of companies are always different, so you can pick the best one that cost-effectively offers these services. Custom mats are a leading and effective way for brand awareness. You can select the dealer who will provide you with various logo mats such as exterior, interior, event logo mats, custom logo mats, washable mats,anti-fatigue mats, carpet tile matting, and many more. It depends on your needs that where you are using them.


Final words


These are the primary reasons to use a custom logo mat for brand awareness. You can use it to attract and engage more customers. Guests can easily understand the brand’s history and engage with them. It is imperative to use catchy taglines so that people easily understand the primary reason behind them. Companies are taking advantage of custom rugs for their brand awareness and business. Read the next article to learn how to design your own custom logo floor mats for branding


Frequently Ask Questions


Q: Is this necessary to use custom logo mats?

A: Custom logo mat helps you to make their unique identity. It depends on you how you use them. Companies use it to engage more customers because it is an effective way to attract more visitors.


Q: Why do companies buy logo mats?

A: Companies purchase logo mats for their brand awareness. Custom logo mat becomes an effective way to attract more customers. The business shows a preference to using logo mats so that it is easy for them to attract more visitors. It is an effective way to boost their brand awareness.


Q: Where do you place door mats?

A: Door mats are placed at the entrance of the office. You can also put it in various places in the school. These custom mats are also used in the inner offices or where your employees stand for a long time. You can use it according to your requirements.


Q: How long does the logo mat last?

A: You can use a logo mat for long-lasting. The material in mats is of high quality, and colours are durable. You can easily use these rugs with no stress. It also has dust and slips resistance. It becomes easy for 

used to use it for a long time.


Q: Are colours used in custom mats long-lasting?

A: Custom logo mats are made from various colours and shades. Companies make rugs from the best colour shades so that it is easy to use. The colours are long-lasting and they do not fade after washing or cleaning. It is necessary to manage according to their mentioned measures. You can use solutions to clean the mats so that colours will not fade.


Q: Do logo mats need regular maintenance or cleaning?

A: Regular cleaning is necessary for logo mats so that it becomes dust and stain free. When we do regular cleaning or maintenance of rugs, it helps us to use them for a long time. When we read mats are dust-free but we need to clean them regularly so we use them for a long time.


Q: What types of colours shade uses in custom mats?

A: The colour shades are endless. You can also select your colour palette which we use in creating logos and designs. Clients can take any colour according to their preferences. Our expert team helps you to choose colours that match the logo. Most of time, we suggest our customers use dark colours because light colours will easily highlight strains or dust. It is crucial to select the best colour shades and combinations for long-lasting use.


Q: What are various sizes available in logo mats?

A: There are various sizes available in the logo mat. There is a standard size such as 60cm x 90cm, 90 cm x 120 cm , 90 cm x 150 cm , 90 cm x 300 cm , 120 cm x 180 cm. There are also custom lengths available in 90 cm x linm and 120 cm x linm. It depends on you and what type of size you need.


Q: Is the logo mat slip-resistant?

A: The logo mat is made from nitrile rubber, which is slip-resistant material. It is ideal for every type of floor. It is known for floor stability. The material is smooth, strong and easy to use. Users can use rugs with no stress. 


Q: Which file format is used for artwork in logo mats?

A: All types of file format is used for designing and artwork on mats. Most of the time we prefer to use JPG, TIFF or PDF. Our experts also accept EPS, CDR, AI or bitmap files such as BMP, TGA and PCX. We also accept the hard work of your logo artwork.


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