entrance doormats at every doorstep

Reasons why you need entrance doormats at every doorstep

Doormats are the first thing that a guest has noticed when entering your house, making it essential to be impressive and presentable. A Pleasant entrance matting can enlighten the whole vibe creating a good impression of you and your home. 

Apart from being the best way to greet the guests, entrance matting also offers several other practical benefits:-


Benefits of Entrance Matting 


  • Protects your carpet from dust 

Putting entrance mats at the front reminds the guests and anyone coming from outside to wipe their feet before entering. In addition, it is the cleanest benefit of entrance matting as it prevents any dirt, mud, or debris stuck on the bottom of your shoes from entering the house. As a result, the carpets and clean tiles of the house remain clean and tidy. 


  • Avoids slippery hazards 

Entrance mats have proven to be one of the best ways to prevent slips and falls. Especially during rain, snow, and storms, there is a lot of dirt and moisture on the floors, which increases the chances of slipping. Doormats provide a safe walking surface in every condition by absorbing and collecting water and mud, reducing the risk of falls keeping your home tidy. In this case, Coir matting has proven to be the best as the coarse materials scraps off moisture and dirt from shoes.

  • Reduce carpet maintenance 

Excess dirt and dust entering your house would increase your work, as there will be a need to vacuum clean the carpets and floors more than usual to maintain the cleanliness of the home and the carpets. However, usually professional tile cleaning and carpet cleaning are recommended twice a year but, without the usage of entrance matting, it can go up to 4 times a year. 


  • Enhances indoor air quality

The dust, dirt, and mud stuck at the bottom of your shoes get stuck on the carpet in your house and your tiles in the home, which gets stirred up with the bacteria affecting the house’s air quality. However, entrance mats( specifically core matting) prevent contaminants and dirt, enhancing the air quality.  


  • Offers cost saving

The usual cost of Floor and building Maintenance is usually high, mainly because the dust and debris cause scratching and staining, destroying the tiles and flooring. However, entrance matting avoids scratches and spills on the surface, preventing wear and tear problems. Therefore, it ultimately reduces the cost of maintenance and flooring. However, you shall consider that you chose reliable and durable mats like coir matting. 



These were some excellent benefits that entrance matting offers. Also, entrance mats now come in various designs to create an ideal welcome to your home, so you shall be very considerable before buying the right entrance mat for your house as it is a humble piece of greeting and welcome. The appropriate entrance matting would keep your house floors safer, cleaner, and healthier, providing long-lasting benefits to the Floor of the house.


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