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Your Ultimate Guide To Custom Logo Door Mats For Your Business Premises 

Gone are the days when it was easy for brick-and-mortar businesses to attract clients. Nowadays, the marketplace has become vigorously competitive. Businesses need to opt for different marketing strategies to gain customer attention. In such a hyper-competitive marketplace, every bit of publicity can do wonders. What if a small investment can help you catch visitors’ attention? Every business owner definitely wishes to choose a marketing method that is less costly. If you’re looking for the same, we’re here to introduce you to the custom logo mats. 


Made with coir or synthetic material, the custom logo mat can be a beneficial addition to your business premises. You can get your company’s logo printed on it. Despite being a marketing method, it offers plenty of other benefits too. From creating a good first impression on your clients to keeping the area clean, a mat can do everything. They can help you eliminate the dust, dirt, and moisture entering your premises. Custom logo mats could profit you by keeping your in-house staff safe from slips too. Want to know more? Keep reading. 


Few Compelling Reasons To Add Custom Logo Mats To Your Space 


Without costing you a fortune, custom logo mats can add profits to your table. Want to know how? Here it is! 


  • Build Brand Awareness 

There is no doubt that a company spends thousands of dollars on marketing. The goal is to bring visitors by creating brand awareness. If you have a low marketing budget, logo mats can help you with the task. Placing mats with your company’s logo at the entrance lets them know about your brand. If the mat impresses them, they may consider entering the space and exploring your services. This way, a small expense can help you boost the visitors entering your store. 


  • Double Up Your Sales

You might be thinking about how a custom logo mat can double up your sales. Placing custom mats printed with products will help customers to find the products easily. Suppose you run a retail store, your customers enter the store but can’t find the right product. The result? They’ll leave your store without making any purchases. Visual merchandising with mats allows you to help customers find products. You can even lead them to relevant products to boost your sales. 


  • Boost Employee Morale 

Using custom logo mats with motivational quotes can boost employee morale too. When you’ve mats at different places with quotes, it helps in boosting employee productivity. Besides this, you can opt for anti-fatigue mats designed for employees. If you’ve employees with hours of standing, such as receptionists, you can add anti-fatigue mats. These mats will keep them comfortable, adding more value to your business. 


These are just a few benefits that custom logo door mats bring to your business. Be sure you add a personal touch to the mat during customization to improve the after results. Your company’s tagline on the mat can do wonders in attracting customers. 


Where Should You Add Custom Logo Mats? 


Having a custom logo mat is not enough. You need to keep it in the right places. Depending on your business, you can choose the areas that receive maximum footfalls. You can look for the areas where flooring requires extra protection. Adding custom logo door mats to such places will improve branding and protect flooring. Let’s now have a look at some common places where you can place your custom logo mats. 


  • At the entrance, point to draw the attention of passersby
  • In the interior of the entrance gate displaying your products & services 
  • In the product display to help customers know the benefits or features 
  • At different spots in the interior to help customers find the relevant products 
  • Throughout your store, highlighting the offers and discounts 
  • In the reception or lobby area to improve the branding 
  • Near coffee machine or vending machine to avoid damage to flooring by spills 


Which Is The Best Material For Custom Logo Mats? 


Amongst all the mats, coir door mats are suitable for all business premises. The coarse hardy material can help you to keep the interior of the building clean. The best part about the coir door mat is it can withstand harsh weather conditions. The rough and tough nature of the mat makes it optimum for outdoor spaces. You can even customize the mat as per your needs. 


Being professional and elegant matting, coir door mats are highly preferable for commercial premises. Add your company’s name, logo, or tagline to impress the visitors. The high durability of the mat will ensure that it remains unaffected and elegant for years to come. To create a meaningful entrance doormat in Ireland, be sure to choose the right team. 


Remember, there are a variety of styles, designs, and sizes available in the mats. All you need to do is look for the one that aligns with your business goals. Choose a trusted mat supplier that supplies high-quality doormats in Ireland. Customize the mat with tagline, logo, and business values to impress visitors. You can even buy different materials for the doormat as per your needs. 


For instance, you can buy a coir door mat for the outdoor area. An anti-fatigue mat would be great for employee areas. Waterproof mats are the best choices for areas like kitchens. 


Tips To Keep Your Custom Logo Mats In Good Condition 


Entrance mats usually experience a high amount of traffic all day long. It can accumulate dust and debris due to heavy traffic. Once you’ve chosen the right custom logo mat, it’s vital to keep it clean. Regular cleaning of the mats will help you to keep the entrance elegant. In addition, proper cleaning will ensure that the mat performs its functions efficiently. 


  • Daily Dusting or Vacuuming 

The daily dusting of the entrance mat will help you to remove the dust on its surface. Cleaning with a broom or vacuuming will increase the lifespan of the mat too. When you keep the mat surface dry, it helps you to retain its appearance. Hence, the more visible your logo is, the more visitors it will attract. 


  • Removal Of Stains & Spills

Spills can happen anytime and anywhere. Certain spills can lead to ugly stains that harm the overall look of your mat. The best way to avoid hurting the look of your custom logo mats is to clean them. Prefer a clean, absorbent material to soak up the liquid. If the stain is of oil and grease, you can use a dry cleaning fluid to remove the stains from a particular spot. 


  • Wet Shampooing 

This is one of the best ways to clean off the high dust and debris from your mat. Wet shampooing acts as a way that helps you to restore its shine and vibrant color. The deep cleaning method will improve the dust, debris, and grime on the mat. For deep cleaning, take neutral synthetic detergent, a hand brush, and tepid water. Rub the mat using the hand brush and remove the suds with a cloth or sponge. Rinse the mat with cold water after scrubbing to retain its shine. 


Inadequate storing and handling of the mat can disturb their overall look. That is why it’s vital to roll it with a pile facing outwards. Lay it straight in the room at the normal temperature. You can even contact professional mat cleaners to remove the debris. 


Note – Owning a mat is not enough; cleaning it regularly is vital. Regular cleaning keeps the area clean, boosts air quality, and impacts visitors positively. So, follow the above tips and keep your business area clean and tidy. 


Signs When It’s Time To Replace Your Business Logo Mats 


Every element in your business needs to be replaced at some point in time. Just like other things, mats need to be replaced once if they’ve reached a certain limit. Even after cleaning it regularly, it can lose its shine and look after years. You, your employees, and your customers walk on the mats every day. So, it’s your duty to notice the signs that indicate your space needs a new mat. To help you out, here is the list of signs that indicate your mat needs a replacement. 


  • Little To No Traction 

As its core, coir doormats prevent dirt and debris from damaging your floors. It protects your flooring from damage and keeps it clean and safe. Further, a mat keeps your clients and employees safe from slipping and tripping. However, regular and heavy foot traffic can lead to excessive wear and tear of the mat. Your custom logo mat can lose its shine and glamour in a matter of years. If you feel there is little to no traction left, consider replacing your existing doormat. 


  • Faded Logo 

You’ve probably added the custom logo mats to improve your brand awareness. But continuous wear and tear and foot traffic can fade your logo. As it is the first thing that people see when they enter your business, you need to keep it attractive. Having a mat with a faded logo can impact your visitors negatively. It can make them feel that you don’t value your business and clients. This, in turn, can lead to the loss of loyal customers and business. To avoid such cases, it’s better to replace your custom logo mats once the logo fades. 


  • Damaged Floors 

Another time to buy some new mats is when you see damage to your flooring. Regardless of which flooring type you’ve (be it carpet, wood, or natural stone), it can get damaged with heavy footfalls. Repairing the damaged flooring can add to unnecessary expenses. This, in turn, affects the bottom line of your company adversely. Buying new entrance mats will help you to avoid the extra floor repair charges. 


  • Curling Edges 

This is one of the most common problems with poor-quality mats. If your business has mats with curling edges, it can lead to dangers like trips and falls. Sometimes curling edges happen in quality mats, too (however, there are rare chances). If you’re noticing these minor flaws in your floor mat, consider replacing it with a new one. 


  • Difficulty In Cleaning 

Daily vacuuming and frequent pressure washing can remove the dust from mats. But sometimes, the time arrives when it is difficult to remove the dust and debris. If the regular cleanings require too much time and effort, consider getting a new doormat in Ireland. You can contact a trusted mat supplier and look for some new and trendy mats. 


  • Dirt Forms Under Them

Mats can trap the dirt to keep the floor below them clean. As time passes, the mat becomes less effective. It loses its ability to trap the dust even after regular cleaning and scrubbing. Using the same mat for a long period can damage your flooring. That is why it’s vital to replace your custom logo door mats to protect floors. 


If you find any of the above signs, be sure to contact the doormat supplier in Ireland. There are numerous suppliers who claim to supply the best quality doormats. Before you choose the one, do thorough research, look for reviews and analyze the mat quality. It will help you to invest your time in the right logo mat and make your business profitable. 


Final Thoughts 

Entrance mats are customizable in nature and elegant to look at. No matter how complex the logo is, the right doormat supplier can help you with the best help. You can print the logo or tagline to make the entrance mat your branding tool. While buying the door mats in Ireland, be sure they align with your office decor. Use vibrant colors in the entrance mat to welcome your visitors with a positive vibe. 


Add different doormats at most used places in your business premises to keep the area protected. Besides offices, you can even add custom mats to your home space. Customize the mat that represents your style and make the atmosphere more pleasant. Keeping the dust and debris outside your space will improve the air quality too. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to purchase beautiful doormats in Ireland and add value to your space. 


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