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Entrance Matting Ireland

Anti-Fatigue Mat - Solid Top - Rubber - 900mm x 900mm

Anti-Fatigue Mat - Solid Top - Rubber - 900mm x 900mm

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Our Anti-Fatigue Mat - Solid Top - Rubber  is an ideal Anti-fatigue Mat for the workplace, this mat combines a supportive fit with a solid elephant skin top.

  • Larger areas can be covered with male and female connectors.
  • The studs at the bottom of the mat give a comfortable cushioning effect.
  • The anti-slip top surface prevents slipping when used in oily working conditions.
  •  These tiles have undergone slip testing according to DIN 51130 standards, ensuring their safety.
  • Optional Ramped Edging Available in Yellow.
  • With a thickness of 16mm, this mat provides superior cushioning and support, effectively relieving pressure on the joints and reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Detailed Technical Specifications

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