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Entrance Matting Ireland

Natural Brown Coir Matting

Natural Brown Coir Matting

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We provide custom cut size mats.
If you require custom cut sized mat please contact us directly on (021) 4701669

    The coarse fibers that make up this coir matting ensure that any dirt and moisture is removed from visitors’ shoes as they enter the building. A non-slip, heavy-duty PVC backing prevents the doormats from moving as people walk over it and also traps dirt so that it doesn’t simply pass through the doormats.
    The custom coir doormats are easy to clean: vacuum or beat the mat outside. Coir door matting is designed for indoors, outdoors and can be used on the floor surface or in mat wells. Its hard-wearing materials mean that the entrance mat with withstand the wear and tear of daily usage even in high-traffic doorways. Coir matting can also be called: coconut matting, door matting, coir mats, & coarse matting.

    Coir door mats are environmentally friendly, so people widely use them. It is a naturally sustainable material. It is a biodegradable material with a high level of strength and durability. Besides being used for floors and entranceways, it serves many other purposes.It has short, tough bristles that help remove dust from shoes when entering commercial areas. It comes in brown, but they perfectly dye it in multiple colours and styles. Users choose it as the first option. Tough and durable bristles help in cleaning door mats effectively.

    We also use words for coir matting, such as coco doormat, coconut door mat, or entrance door matting. It is made from 100% natural fibres derived from coconut husk. In coconuts, the husk is a water-resistant layer between the outer coating and the hard shell inside. We know coir fibre for its durability, strength, and resilience.

    Red coir is famous for its heavy-duty fibre. We use it for entrance door matting, mattresses, and brushes. It also looks brown. It is helpful in commercial areas. Commercial door mats help remove dust and give a hygienic atmosphere. Offices also use coir mats for brand awareness and to attract more business customers. Companies can use coir mats for the advertisement of their brand and products. More

    Product specifications
    • Length: 1000 mm
    • Width: 1000 mm
    • Thickness: 17 mm
    • Colour: Natural Light brown/Black/Red
    • Material: Coconut husk fibre
    • Edged on the short side: Yes
    • Weight: 6.7 kg
    • Assembly: Assembled
    • Warranty: 3 years
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