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Entrance Matting Ireland

Anti-fatigue Ramp Mat 90cm x 150cm

Anti-fatigue Ramp Mat 90cm x 150cm

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The Anti-Fatigue Ramp Mat 90cm x 150cm is ideal for workshops and service areas with slippery floors.


  • Non-slip surface ensures secure footing, even in wet or oily conditions
  • Provides safety on traction, assembly lines, ramps, and sloppy areas
  • Unique Ramped edges prevent tripping hazards
  • Ramped edges suitable for areas with floor transitions or uneven surfaces
  • Holes allow fluid and oils to flow through
  •  Easy to clean and maintain, resistant to spills, dirt, and debris
  •  Suitable for various settings: industrial facilities, commercial kitchens, warehouses, retail spaces
  •  Offers ergonomic support, reduces strain on joints, back, and feet
  •  Durable and reliable solution prioritising comfort, safety, and functionality
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