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Entrance Matting Ireland

EMI - Dust Control Mat 90cm x 150cm

EMI - Dust Control Mat 90cm x 150cm

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The Dust Control Mat 90cm x150cm is a highly effective solution for keeping your floors clean and dust-free.

  • Made with a durable 6mm thickness, this mat is designed to trap and hold onto dust, dirt, and debris from shoes.
  • Its non-slip backing ensures it stays in place, making it perfect for high-traffic areas such as entryways, hallways and corridors.
  • With its sleek design and practical functionality, the Dust Control Mat is an ideal size for most doorways and entrances
  • Low-profile design allows for easy clearance with standard doors

    Detailed Technical Specifications.

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The Dust Control Mat  is the perfect addition to any school premises.

Effectively traps and holds onto dust, dirt, and debris from students' shoes, helping to keep hallways and classrooms clean and free of allergens.
Its non-slip backing ensures it stays in place, providing a safe and secure surface for students to walk on.
Plus, its easy-to-clean nature means that janitorial staff can quickly and easily maintain the cleanliness of the mat, saving time and effort.
The Dust Control Mat is a smart and practical solution for maintaining a clean and healthy learning environment.


  • Daily vacuuming of the mat will keep the textile like new for longer. The cleaner the mat the more efficient it is.
  • Persistent stains can be soaped in with a non-aggressive detergent and rinsed off with clean lukewarm water. Dry flat and out of the sun.
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