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Entrance Matting Ireland

Entrance Mat - Moisture Barrier 100cm x 300cm

Entrance Mat - Moisture Barrier 100cm x 300cm

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The Entrance Mat - Moisture Barrier 100cm x 300cm is the premier product on the market to draw retain and hold moisture due to inbound traffic into any facility.

  • It is a tough long-lasting mat with a raised rubber border on all 4 sides acting as a containment barrier and can hold up to 7 litres of water per square metre.
  • The raised pattern works double duty to remove and trap dirt and moisture. It has a rubber reinforced border and backing to provide maximum strength.
  • The backing minimizes movement on all surfaces and keeps the mat elevated allowing wet hard floors to dry underneath.
  • This Mat is ideal for use in schools, universities, public buildings, sports facilities and shopping centres. This premium product will not be beaten for moisture retention if that is the problem your facility is facing.

Dispatched in 2 - 4 Days

  • Removes visible dirt and moisture like no other.
  • 950 grams of yarns per m2.
  • Natural rubber backing with 2.5cm rubber borders on all sides.
  • Heavy-duty rubber border on all sides to keep water from running off the mat.
  • Product Weight 5.8kg/m2.
  • Product height of 10mm.
  • Quick-drying polypropylene that does not fade or rot.
  • Vacuum or hose off with water and hang to dry.
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