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Range of Modular Entrance Matting products
Modular Entrance Mats are a essential for heavily frequented areas as they require
special attention. With large numbers of people coming and going, entrance mats have to be
particularly heavy-duty and demonstrate excellent dirt/moisture moisture removal properties, 
while at the same time be sturdy and flexible.
With its innovative profile all our modular entrance matting systems
boast superior dirt removal properties and stay looking great day after day,
even after being walked on thousands of times – in offices, airports, shopping centres, hospitals,
schools, or anywhere with large numbers of people and high traffic volumes. 
All our products come with long life warranties and are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

EMI Modular Entrance Mat Options

EMI ALU Primary Entrance Mat System is a Recessed Grill Matting system that provides the highest resilience and endurance of any entrance matting product, it is assembled using aluminium profiles and PVC scraper bars.
The aluminium profiles and scraper bars are assembled in an open
or closed construction with high tensile electro galvanised
steel wire linkages running through the components to give
the mat its structural integrity and superior load bearing capacity.
Available in 4 different heights starting at 10 mm all the way up
to 22mm to cater for every sort of need.
Some of our recent EMI ALU Primary Mat System installations for :
The EMI Heavy Duty 12mm Modular Tile is an ideal primary
or secondary matting system with dual action for
dirt scraping and moisture retention, keeping your business
entrance welcoming, functional & safe.
Available in a range of colours(charcoal in stock at all times),
this matting is excellent at concealing and retaining dirt and
moisture whilst complementing the interior design.  
Some of our recent EMI Heavy Duty 12mm Modular Tile Mat System installations for :
The EMI Flex Modular Extreme 12 mm modular multi-zone
entrance mat tile (500mm x 500mm) has a stylish octagonal ring
design with small holes that are EU compliant for public entrances.
Provides traction and excellent drainage in extreme
weather conditions.
Can be installed in a matwell or with a ramp edge to provide a non trip surface and also providing minimum downtime
Some of our recent EMI Flex Modular Extreme Mat System installations for :

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